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    Analgesia is the absence of the awareness of pain.

    The technician must strive to recognize procedures that are likely to be painful, to use techniques that minimize pain, to monitor behavior and physiologic variables as potential indicators of pain, and to promptly bring animals requiring analgesia to the veterinarian’s attention. 

    meperidine, ketamin, butorphanol, metatomidine, and xylazine are not effective enough or long lasting enough to bu used as the sole analgesic for animals with severe postoperative pain, such as that experienced after orthopedic surgery. 

    An animal that experiences postoperative pain is more likely to have a poor anesthetic recovery in the immediate postoperative period. 

    General anesthetics like methoxyflurane and pentobarbital are characterized by by slow recoveries and prolonged sleep after anesthesia, they have been largely replaced by agents that allow arousal within minutes (propofol, isoflurane.) If no analgesia is provided, these recoveries not only are rapid, but also may be very painful. 

    It is now accepted that pain rarely has any useful function and is more likely to be harmful to the animal. Animals with untreated pain may have increased fear and anxiety, decreased cardiovascular function, decreased appetite, slower wound healing, and greater risk of infection and disseminated intravascular coagulation. 

    Over treatment of post operative pain can contribute to prolonged anesthetic recovery and may have significant side effects, The need for analgesia must be considered in the light of the individual patient’s conditions and the potential for serious side effects. 

    The goal of the anesthetist is to proved adequate analgesia and sedation to allow the patient to move, eat, and sleep without undue discomfort, particularly in the 12 to 24 hours after surgery. 

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